Hotels & Restaurants

A great restaurant isn't just about fine cuisine and impeccable service. It’s also about creating the right environment for diners to enjoy their meal. Sound and lighting can work together to enhance the ambience of a room and help deliver a complete sensory experience no matter what time of day or occasion.

The hotel reception area is usually a customer’s first experience of the hotel. As well as the décor and service they receive, having the right sound and light systems installed will go long way to creating the right atmosphere. 

Getting the right mix of technology within the rooms themselves is also important. With people buying more sophisticated sound systems at home they expect good quality technology when they are traveling.

Function rooms are also a key part of a hotel’s business revenue. They have to be flexible enough to cater for a variety of functions from weddings and gala dinners to conferences and product launches. Combining the right mix of technology with the décor and design of the space is vital in creating the optimum guest experience no matter what the occasion.

At Cookes Installations we work with our hotel and restaurant clients to deliver top quality solutions that are tailor made to their particular requirements.

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